Take Away / Delivery

Here you’ll find the answer to the frequently asked questions.

Q: Is Umi Sushi & Asian Cuisine open on national holidays??
A: Yes, we are. Unless stated otherwise.

Q: Any tips on being seated quickly?
A: The wait normally starts about 6:00PM and ends about 9:00PM during the weekends.
The wait is normally shorter on Monday and Tuesday night. It is very easy to be immediately seated for lunch.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: There is no dress code. You can dress casually or dress up.

Q: How far do you deliver?
A: Within ‘de singel’ in Antwerp.

Q: How much does the home delivery cost?
A: The delivery itself is FREE of charge.

Q: What is the minimum amount required for home delivery?
A: € 20,00

Q: Do you no longer deliver in Berchem, Borgerhout…?
A: Regular home deliveries are no longer done outside ‘de singel’.

Q: Won’t you deliver in Berchem, Borgerhout…if we order for € 50,00 or more?
A: We no longer take orders for home deliveries outside ‘de singel’ on the phone. You can always come and pick up the order yourself though.
If you still want to order for outside ‘de singel’, then it is best to make use of our catering services.

Q: What does the Catering service entail and how do I contact them?
A: This simply means, that we provide large take-out formulas for receptions, parties and other such occasions.
But for that, we advise you to contact us through email, and we’ll make you an offer.

Q: I’m strictly vegan…can you replace the tamago with a vegetarian alternative?
A: Yes, we can but you have to mention that during your order.

Q: I don’t eat tamago, prawns, crabs etc…can you replace them with an alternative?
A: Yes, we can…BUT only during weekdays, from Monday – Thursday.
In the Weekend (Friday – Sunday) it is very busy, therefore the Chef’s have no time to do such (extensive) modifications to the menu.

Q: How come the “Dragon Eyes boat” doesn’t contain 15 pieces of Dragon Eyes?
A: We understand the confusion, but currenty the “Dragon Eyes boat” contains a mix of Dragon Eyes, Futo Tempura Maki and Soft Crunch.
We will change this confusing name when we update our menus in the near future.

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